xziichix (xziichix) wrote in n_e_r_d,

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Nerd lovers? Holy f. hell. LJ has everything.
I married my nerd 2 years ago. old-fashioned nerd (turning 46 on thursday) who has more f. books then i have UT maps. Geek&Nerd can be f. awesome sometimes. We both like science & physics but i'm more into math and he's a philosophy/english/history. he used to teach in highschool but now he teaches kids. was supposed to retire this year but i think he's f. addicted. Anyone else married to a coin-collecting history/war/weapon & above fanatic? it's f. fun. Husband's also v. f. uptight about it. has a stick up his ass i have to pull out sometimes. (won't be labelledeither)
Sounds like a fun com.
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